Can Goats Eat Leeks? (Revealed!)

Yes, goats can eat leeks. Leeks are a tasty and healthy snack that they will love. You should be aware of moderation, however. Leeks are highly nutritious, and your goats will become over-nourished if they eat too much. Be sure to see it only as an occasional treat.


Leeks are a staple kitchen vegetable and the kind of thing that a lot of us have on hand more or less all the time.

For that reason, a lot of us also find ourselves in a situation where our leeks are about to go bad, and we have no plans for what we want to do with them.

In this case, sharing them with our goats is probably something we have all thought about, but the question is, is it safe?

Goats can definitely eat leeks, then, but you’ve got to be very strict about how much they get.

You should be sure to provide them with a good range and balance in their diet, so they can’t have too much of any one thing.

Let’s find out more.

Can Goats Eat Leeks?

Are leeks good for goats?

Yes, they are, in lots of ways.

Leeks are really tasty, first and foremost, and your goats will almost certainly love them.

Having a good variety of tasty snacks will do wonders for their diets and, in turn, their mood.

This is the first good thing about leeks.

Beyond that, there are tons of specific health benefits to speak of with leeks.

They are a rich source of fiber, for one thing.

Fiber is one of the most important nutrients in a goat’s diet.

It really constitutes most of their diet, and though they will get most of what they need from their hay and/or forage, they can always benefit from a little extra.

They are also rich in many important vitamins.

They are high in vitamin A, which is a carotenoid that’s very important for your goat’s vision.

Leeks also contain a lot of vitamin C, aiding the immune system, the repair of tissues, and collagen production.

Finally, leeks contain a lot of vitamin K1, an important nutrient for blood clotting.

There’s also a lot of minerals to speak of in leeks.

They are a really good source of manganese, which also promotes healthy growth in cells in certain areas of the body, like the thyroid.

Leeks also contain trace amounts of copper, iron and folate.

Copper in particular is a really important part of a goat’s diet, something domestic goats are often deficient in.

Though there is only a small amount in leeks, it is still beneficial.

So, as you can see, leeks are very good for goats—but let’s look at the caveats now.


Are leeks bad for goats?

No, leeks are not bad for goats in themselves.

They won’t cause harm, and they aren’t toxic or poisonous to goats.

That said, they aren’t harmless, either.

The important thing, as I said, is moderation.

Most of a goat’s diet is remarkably simple—hay, and/or forage.

This should be around three quarters of their diet.

The rest should be topped up with a variety of other snacks and treats, like fruits and vegetables.

Of that, leeks should make up only a small part.

They are, as I’ve shown, highly nutrient-rich.

Your goat’s simple diet can only handle a small amount of this before it will start to be over-nourished and even sick.

At most, give them leeks once or twice a week.

Be sure to swap them out for other treats and snacks during the rest of the week.

This will provide the greatest range and balance in their diet and will keep them from getting fed up with the same old treats.

So, no, leeks are not bad for goats.

That said, moderation is always really important with anything as complex as a leek is.


Can goats eat raw leeks?

Yes, goats can eat raw leeks, and this is really the best way to feed them leeks.

The diet you give them should, as far as possible, be the best approximation you can come up with of the diet they would eat in the wild.

What this basically means is that they should get a wide variety of things, and that all of it should be raw.

Obviously, they wouldn’t find cooked leeks out in the wild.

Raw leeks will be tastier, crunchier with a better texture, and they won’t lose any important nutrition in the cooking process.

But can they eat cooked leeks?  


Can goats eat cooked leeks?

They can, but they probably shouldn’t in most cases.

Firstly, there’s no benefit to cooking them for them specially.

They will always prefer it raw and get more benefit out of it this way.

Also, if you have cooked the leeks for yourselves, then you need to be aware of what’s on them—were they cooked in any oils or spices?

These can be quite harmful to goats if eaten in any large quantity.

So, where you can, just give them raw leeks, and indeed raw food in general.

They will prefer it this way, and it won’t do them any harm.


Leeks are an excellent addition to your goat’s diet, then, when fed in the correct moderation.

They are tasty and nutritious and provide a host of great benefits for your goats.

Just remember that they only need a very small amount to get all the benefits they can, and beyond that their diet should be filled with variety.


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