Do Female Goats Have Beards?

Do Female Goats Have Beards? (Answered!)

Yes, female goats can have beards, although not always. Almost all goats will have a beard to an extent, although you may not consider the tiniest tufts an actual beard. Nonetheless, it is the same thing. Male beards just tended …

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Goat Cart

Goat Cart (Explanation And History)

Goats are not widely considered beasts of burden today. If we want an animal to carry things, we have horses and donkeys—though the ethicality of this is certainly debatable. But this hasn’t always been the case. In the past, goats …

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Flower Names For Goats

Flower Names For Goats (50 Examples!)

Naming your goat can be one of the most sensitive parts of the whole process of owning a goat. You’ve got to find something that suits them, something snappy that you can call out and that they can learn, and …

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Do Pygmy Goats Have Horns?

Do Pygmy Goats Have Horns? (Revealed!)

Yes, pygmy goats have horns. They are unusual in that both males and females typically have horns. Females are usually smaller, but they do have them. Though pygmies may have smaller horns, they can still be a problem if they …

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How Many Goats Are You Worth?

How Many Goats Are You Worth? (Find Out!)

It might sound like a strange question to those of you who have never heard it before, but it’s one that’s been asked more commonly than you might think. It’s certainly interesting to wonder, but what exactly is this origin …

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