Is CBD Oil Safe For Goats? (Find Out!)

The answer to this question is yes, CBD oil is completely safe for goats. When taken at the proper dosage and administered regularly, CBD oil can successfully treat several conditions known to affect goats, not to mention several other members of the animal kingdom.


This is great news for both goats and their owners around the globe.

As we dig further into the possibilities for CBD oil and goats from a safety standpoint, let us first establish a basic knowledge of what it actually is.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Goats?

Is Pet CBD Oil Different from Human CBD Oil

According to Brandon Beatty who is the founder of Bluebird Botanicals, “usually, there is no difference in the way the oils are manufactured.”

The primary difference is that the FDA enforces different requirements on the way that food, drug and dietary supplements are labeled for animals and humans.

Another small difference is in the way that CBD oil is administered for goats.

This sometimes might have certain additives like cod liver oil and the likes, things that are still safe for human consumption and sometimes included in our CBD oils.

Additionally, the oil is sometimes augmented to provide certain flavors, though this has little to no impact on the overall effectiveness of it.

As a general rule, unless specific active ingredients are added to a mix or concentrations are extremely high, human CBD oil and pet CBD oil are identical.

This is because Cannabidiol (CBD) works with certain neurotransmitters that our bodies produce, known as endocannabinoids.

Research points to a theory that CBD bonds to the cannabinoid receptors within our bodies and impacts the way endocannabinoids affect them.

The typical result is reduced inflammation and altered interactions with other neurotransmitters.

This includes Serotonin, the neurotransmitter commonly associated with anxiety and depression.

Almost all mammals, from humans to goats, have endocannabinoids systems that function in almost the exact same way.


Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil?

 While there is still some resistance to the use of pet CBD treatments in some western practices, CBD Oil has picked up significant traction over the last decade.

This is primarily due to a considerable uptick in research.

According to a survey conducted by, participants noted that 35% of their veterinary visits were noted to have included recommendations that they use CBD Oil and other CBD products for their animals. 11% of individuals also responded that their vet specifically advertised for specific CBD treatments.

In an article featured on, one veterinary oncologist working at an animal hospital on Los Angeles, Dr. Trina Hazzah, put it this way:

“What’s the worst that can happen — they stare at the wall for a while if they get too much?

But what’s the worst that my chemo can do?

Much worse than that. And you can use cannabis to help balance the side effects of chemotherapy and other western treatment.”


Can Goats Overdose on CBD Oil?

 CBD has several wonderful treatment possibilities when it comes to goats.

But as a responsible goat owner, like anything else you administer to your animal, this begs one question. Is it safe and can my goat overdose on it?

This is a topic that is being tackled on several levels across both the domestic animal and human fields.

CBD is generally well tolerated.

When taken in the proper dosage, the possibility for side effects is negligible and they usually do not manifest themselves in anything more than a mildly irritating occurrence.

A toxic dosage of CBD oil, according to several studies, would be somewhere in the area of 20,000 mg ingested in a very short span of time.

To put this into perspective, most CBD dosages are well short of 100 mg per day.

The typical container of CBD oil has no more than 1500 or so mg in it.

Overdosing is extremely unlikely.

If you do have any concerns, monitor your goat after administering the treatment.

If you notice any drowsiness, diarrhea or considerable dry mouth, consider backing the dosage off a bit.


Can CBD Oil Kill a Goat?

So, you ask, what happens if my goat does manage to get into my massive stockpile of CBD I have lying around for some reason and ingests upwards of 20,000 mg of it.

Surely taking 4 months-worth of CBD at once could be lethal, right?

You would actually be surprised.

The WHO (World Health Organization) lists CBD as one of the only substances available in the world with no risk of major side effects or dependency.

In the most extreme cases, even consumption well beyond the toxic dose is not considered to be lethal.

The things you will notice instead will likely be extreme drowsiness, lethargy, upset stomach, nausea and diarrhea.

The potential side effects of CBD Oil are negligible according to all reputable sources.


How Long Does it Take CBD Oil to Kick in for Goats?

CBD oil takes roughly 30-60 minutes to begin making its initial effects on your goat. Some factors can change this timeframe to a degree.

These include both factors specific to your goat such as their bodyweight and individual metabolism and variations in administration of the oil such as frequency of consumption and dosage.

CBD oil generally does not necessitate a long-term regiment for its effects to be felt.

However, when used to treat chronic issues, the obvious effects of living without debilitating conditions such as arthritis, seizures, and anxiety will strengthen your goat’s quality of life over time.

You should always monitor any goat you administer CBD oil to in order to better understand if the dosage is having the desired effect.

Due to the safe nature of the substance, so long as you do not go overboard with it, experimenting with different dosage levels to find the fastest activation window can be a useful strategy to get your goat feeling its best as quickly as possible.


How Often Should CBD Oil be Administered for Goats?

The simple answer to this question: whatever works best. Most CBD oil products recommend a daily regimen.

This allows for the Cannabidiol to effectively remain in the body and work with the endocannabinoid receptors at a nearly constant level.

This mainly depends on personal preference.

Standard recommendation is that you should administer the oil in the mornings so that the greatest concentration of the compound is present during the waking hours.

This facilitates a stronger start to the day and an overall increase in pet health and well-being.

If you find that your goat is hesitant or resistant to taking the CBD oil in the mornings, consider administering it alongside or as a treat and accompanied by a display of affection.

As with most things goat-related, you simply have to find what works best for your goat and structure your routine around that.


What should goats not take with CBD Oil?

 Another word of caution is that one should always verify that CBD oil is not going to adversely affect existing medications.

CBD interacts with digestive enzymes that break down medication within the body for usage.

This has the potential to accelerate or decelerate drug metabolism within the body, potentially causing a build-up of medication within the blood stream.

This is especially common with blood thinning medicines.

You should also avoid mixing CBD oil with any medications known to cause drowsiness and substances known to affect the heart (especially calcium channel blockers).

If you are at all unsure about the effects CBD oil will have on your goat, seek the advice of a veterinary specialist.


CBD oil is almost always a low risk, highly effective treatment for several medical conditions that goats are known to suffer from. It has neurotransmitter driven capabilities to alleviate pain without the unwanted side effects of conventional pain medication.

This, by itself, sets it in a league of its own when it comes to pain management.

Cannabidiol also works wonderfully to reduce the effects of anxiety and stress related disorders common to goats, resulting in improved quality of life and safer transportation and weaning.

The side effects of CBD oil are both rare and mild. In short, CBD oil is a safe, amazing and effective product for goats that should not be dismissed.


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