Disney Goat Names (9 Examples!)

We all love Disney—even if we don’t admit it.

Most of us grew up with the movies and shows, from live action to animated and everything in between.

There’s something for everyone in there, and many of us carry that love right through to adulthood.

A very common recurring animal in many Disney movies is goats, and some of us Disney-loving goat owners see a very obvious way to name our friends—after goats in Disney movies!

So, today, we’re going to look at some of the best Disney names for your goats, from the most well-known and beloved characters to the least and most obscure.

Let’s get started!

Disney Goat Names


Gideon goat

Starting way back in the early days of Disney, Gideon Goat was an anthropomorphic supporting character in the early Mickey Mouse comic strips of the 1930s.

He was typically characterized as a farmer or sheriff, and had a wife whom we will get to shortly!

Gideon makes a great name if you’re looking for something more subtle as a reference.

The character is not as well known as he once was, and the name itself is just a great name anyway!


Gertrude goat

I mentioned that Gideon Goat had a wife—her name was Gertie.

We can, from this, presume her full name was Gertrude.

She was usually a background character, but again this kind of rustic, lovable name is a great one for a goat even if you weren’t a Disney fan.

Gideon and Gertrude would be a great pairing for a doe and a buck!


Hammerhead Hannigan

For something more of a mischievous goat, you could name them after the secondary villain of Darkwing Duck—the burly, 1930s gangster-esque Hammerhead Hannigan.

He is the lead henchman of Taurus Bulba and likes to use his head to butt his enemies.

It’s thought that he is based on the Marvel villain of the same name—Spider-Man’s Hammerhead.

He wears a similar pinstripe suit.

This is another great and clear reference for your goat’s name.


Clueless Morgan

We all know and love the Muppets, and it’s easy to forget how many of their hits over the years have been Disney properties.

Who can forget Muppet Treasure Island, from 1996?

A memorable parody of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, it features all the muppets in a brand new take on the story.

Clueless Morgan is a pirate goat featured in the film, one of the principal mutineers attempting to take over the Hispaniolia.

He was also featured on episodes of Muppets Tonight.

This is a good name for your less smart goats!



This list would be incomplete without a mention of Home on the Range’s ornery old goat, Jeb.

There’s always something really great about naming a goat something short and snappy, and Jeb works great for that reason.

Home on the Range isn’t one of Disney’s most well-remembered features, but it is a fantastic one nonetheless.

You can’t go wrong with a name like Jeb for a goat—especially any crankier goats you might have!


Billy Gruff

From the newer Goldie and Bear series, Billy Gruff is a minor character who features in a single episode.

This one is a great name for those newer, younger Disney fans, though, as you can tell them that you named the goat after their beloved character, but also explain where the Billy Gruff name originally comes from!



Phil, for short—let’s just get that out of the way!

Who can forget Disney’s Hercules?

Undoubtedly one of their best animated films of the 90s and perhaps of all time, Danny DeVito delivers an incredible performance as the Satyr Phil, Hercule’s teacher and mentor who helps him go the distance.

Again, Phil is a lovely, short, snappy name for a goat, and it’s always good value to tell friends that your pet’s name is short for something.

But what is a satyr, and haven’t we seen them elsewhere?



As I mentioned, Phil in Hercules is a satyr—half man, half goat.

These were figures in Greek myth associated with nature and the wilds, which played a variety of roles.

One other place in Disney you may remember them from is one of their oldest feature films, Fantasia.

Here, they play a big role in the Pastoral Symphony section of the film, and come in a variety of colors.

They are also called fauns here, although satyrs and fauns are technically different.

This is a great name for your goat!


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Gunter the Goat

Finally, we have the relatively forgotten Army Mascot, a film starring Pluto from 1942.

This film features a cast of characters from the animal kingdom, including one goat named Gunter.

Gunter is himself an army mascot, who finds himself in a variety of situations and particularly is envied by Pluto.

Gunter is another great common name for your goat, but if you enjoy some of the more obscure of the Disney properties, Gunter is a great, snappy name that is also a unique reference to a somewhat forgotten piece of Disney media!



Goats have been a common feature in all sorts of Disney media, then.

They are well beloved by all, and this is clearly shown in the Disney corporation’s penchant for using them as cute and endearing animated characters.

If you were looking to name your real-life goats after a Disney character, then you have no shortage of names to choose from!

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